We’re down with the Kids

November 7, 2006

At the moment I am working in Birmingham at the BCFTCS Library and on my way to work I Walk/Cycle though the open public areas of the Birmingham Central Library. Recently I noticed what seems to be actual official graffiti in ‘Paradise Place’?

This poses a lot of unanswered questions? Should they rename the location ‘Frightening Atrium’ or something more suitable instead of ‘Paradise Place’?

I would be quite fond of the name ‘Irony Square’.

Cruella DeVille as a librarian role model? Maybe she was misunderstood? Perhaps the reason she kept stealing the puppies was to create some sort of small dog lending service? Perhaps she used Dewey? (Sorry, thats going a bit far now, she plainly would have used a more spot friendly classification scheme like Library of Congress.)

And most importantly, where can I find more BFG based graffiti artists? That’s a phone number that’s worth its weight in gold, or at least book tokens. Snozzlecumbers!


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