Why the Commercial eBook Market is Broken

March 28, 2007

Previously, back in the mists of time, I had a Palmpilot. It was an old greyscreen and it was used exclusively for one job… Reading books.

A six year old calender device was a fantastic book reading device, the screen was even easy to read.

Forward 6 years into the future and I have no eBook reader, why? Well the little Palmpilot broke and there wasn’t any viable replacement. ePaper looked like the way forward until both the cost and dreadful DRM put me off.

So whats the future going to bring? ‘Charlies Diary‘ makes for an interesting read. Not just for the excellent article but also the comments, especially noteworthy are the ones about mobile phones…

I am led to believe the only reason that little palmpilot worked so well as an eBook reader was that it wasn’t designed for that job and so didn’t have the ‘Value Add’ (Muffled Cough) of extra unwanted features and DRM.



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