Checkpoint Charlie. Missing or Not?

January 10, 2008

Looking through the internet, I found an interesting puzzle. in 1990 a chap called Alan Wolan claims to have stolen the checkpoint charlie sign. He even stands next to it quite proudly in this Article.

So what is the mystery? The Museum at Checkpoint Charlie claims it has the original for show, and if he had stolen it wouldn’t the German goverment ask nicely for its return?

An interesting piece of supporting evidence is the fact that our (Possible) cheeky criminal was interviewed in Stars and Stripes stating “I think the shack itself should be torn down,” “The signs should be kept, but the building isn’t really symbolic.” at or around the same date that the sign went missing.

So is he some sort of ‘Freelance Conservationist’ or is it just usual internet fluff?


2 Responses to “Checkpoint Charlie. Missing or Not?”

  1. Name witheld by request Says:

    I have seen the sign in his NYC offices. It is the real deal. Contact him if u want more info.

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