A gripping yarn, featuring my seriously old computer graphics card.

March 31, 2011

I have sitting in my computer something old enough in computer terms to be regarded as a true survivor, an Nvidia Quadro NVS 280 graphics card. It is sitting there in a rather unassuming (although slightly coquettish) manner, but I thought it really needed a bit of recognition.  Made in 2004 this little graphics card has been quietly powering my monitors without nary a whimper. A bit of history to start though, this rather odd card was made specifically for corporate consumers, specifically those who need high quality multi-monitors. Like high frequency traders, security systems, 2d CAD systems and massive nerds.

However it made its way into my desktop and I never looked back… ok I admit that if you are into all those 3D games I hear the kids are into, it will die coughing dust. But as a quality multi-monitor card is it possibly the ultimate solution. I believe that its the high quality RAMDAC or some such shenanigans that makes it so perfect for its job, but who cares when it just works! As I run Linux it is very much a, plug it in and watch it work sort of solution too. That is always nice, although Linux of late has really got its act together concerning compatibility.

Also as a passive card, it makes no noise. And yes,


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