Music that makes you go faster!

May 30, 2011

Yesterday I managed to knock 20 minutes off a 1.5 hour bike route I ride regularly on Cannock Chase.

The only difference was the new Track listing on my MP3 player, mainly very loud music that I wouldn’t listen to in polite company.

So in the spirit of sharing, I list the music that should now be banned, along with cheese and crisp sandwiches and hobnobs as my own personal performance enhancing drug.

The Prodigy,   The tracks ‘Take me to the Hospital’ and ‘Warriors Dance’  I found to be especially effective.

Olof Gustafsson (Obscure, but quite excellent)

Theme to Wipeout (Mid 1990s computer game), The whole thing. Embarrassing I know.

Power Quest! (Check out the album covers for a real treat,  although unicorns are all well and good for a fairy themed birthday party, but for a Metal Group?)

I am sorry if I furiously rode past you without nary a hello,  but if it is any consolation, my legs really hurt now!


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