In other cat related news

August 12, 2011

From the ever brilliant local newspapers, came a front page I just had to share. All the local newspapers in Stafford are a great read, especially as they focus mainly on bin related news and spinechilling tales of ‘young people seen hanging around at the park’  (The park that has a modus operandi of ‘place where young people of the local area can hang out’). Never a dull moment!

But getting a whole two cat related articles on the front page of the newspaper is in my opinion a work of art, especially as one article should actually read ‘Cat may have been put in skip, or then maybe not, or perhaps it was?’ ! Sherlock Holmes would be shocked.

And its not like there isn’t any other News Going On At The Moment.

Note: To the people who lost cats, sorry to hear about that. I am fond of the furry things myself (comes with the Librarian badge I suppose), so I hope they catch the awful people responsible for killing your cats.


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