About John

John in the AnnapurnasInformation is a wonderful thing, the feeling of a system put in place to organise simple data is overwhelmingly good. I remember before the internet, the information was there. But how easy was it to get to?

My love of knowledge had led me to amass dictionaries and Atlas’s (Atlai?), Worlds Greatest Mystery’s Compendiums and 1001 things you didn’t know about things you should really know UK edition.

Even today however books are invaluable things, they are the simplest, user friendly way of getting information into that wet thing between the ears… But you still need to ‘find’ them! A well organised library or database truly is a thing of beauty, not to say I don’t await a decent ebook reader with baited breath. Won’t somebody make one? (Edit: they did! Amazon Kindles are pretty decent)

So naturally I ended up a Librarian! With a bit of a slant towards technology.

Also I ride a lot. a lot, Everywhere! I try to encourage everyone I meet to get on bikes and ride.

Cars, handy little things… But they make cities and towns unbearable, so give the car a rest and ride round your local metropolis… Park anywhere, Carry anything. Have an extra chocolate bar on the way home.

Dawes SardarThe picture is my custom heavy tourer. Its a ‘04 Dawes Sardar with modifications circa 1995 such as downtube shifters and mountainbike parts. Last thing left after a nuclear blast will be the cockroaches and this bike, gently rolling into the post-apocalyptic sunset.

I am also quite involved in the application of Open Source and ‘Free’ Software. that’s ‘Free’ as in freedom. Do what you want with it, I certainly do. I spend most of my geek time with Content Management Systems, PHP and MySQL.

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