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Book Cover. The Revenge!

March 30, 2008

The Silver Sword - David ZindellOr rather, the revenge of Photoshop. Many years ago I was on a book cover here. Well it seemed the book itself must have sold quite well, and I have been photoshopped onto some new and even more heroic situations.

I think I have found my new passport photo, unfortunately the only effect on people so far is less ‘Awe and Admiration’ and more ‘Unstoppable Mirth and Laughter’.

A note for the reader, I am not constantly googling myself, I am a Librarian. We have some sort of radar (furtive glance). Yes some sort of magic book radar.

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Creating an Affordable E-Book Reader

March 11, 2008
Palm IIIe

Palm IIIe

Sometimes you have to do it yourself. What with the Sony Reader being very expensive, proprietary and well, a little too Sony. The Amazon Kindle being mildly expensive, unavailable and blisteringly ugly, and all the others requiring substantial loans. The only real solution is to somehow create a more ‘down to earth’ E-Book reader.

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February 25, 2008

Refreshing Sauerkrautsaft

Found in a Local Supermarket.  I am sure it’s very good for you, as shown by its prominent ‘Bio’ label.

But something about the existence of ‘Pickled Cabbage Juice’ disturbs me.

Checkpoint Charlie. Missing or Not?

January 10, 2008

Looking through the internet, I found an interesting puzzle. in 1990 a chap called Alan Wolan claims to have stolen the checkpoint charlie sign. He even stands next to it quite proudly in this Article.

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As Seen on The Berlin Wall

November 8, 2007
Found on the Berlin Wall

Graffiti on the Berlin Wall

“Shortly before coming to see this, I found myself in an apoplectic rage because my american debit card wouldn’t work at the ATMs here. People died trying to cross this thing. Apparently, the other side was nothing but tourists”

All the way from the US just to write that, How strange.


September 14, 2007
Anti-war banners

Anti-war banners

There is something strangely photogenic in these anti-war banners, and that makes the message so much stronger.

Simple statements simply put.


I Love Tea

April 3, 2007
I love Tea

I love Tea

My odd interest of finding strange graffiti has spawned a wallpaper! Its 1024×768 so will look smart on your computer desktop, at home or at work.

To find it yourself (if you like that sort of thing), it is on a wall in Berlin near the shore of the ‘Muggel See’. (It’s a large lake).

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History of Oil

February 3, 2007

Been a bit distracted, as I am quite busy learning German in Berlin, however I discovered that ‘Robert Newman’s History of Oil’ was uploaded to Google Video. It was shown on UK TV in April 2006 and I was lucky enough to record it (Humax PVR’s, technology from the far future!).

It is an excellent ‘Educational’ show detailing the rather sordid history of oil in the world, on a stage with cycle powered lights. After the recent global warming report release and the ensuing bunfight that follows it’s very topical. Enjoy.


Time Travelling Ninjas on Motorbikes

December 12, 2006

As somewhat of a connoisseur of films featuring librarians in bit-part roles (The Mummy, Day after Tomorrow) I was excited to hear of a film that featured a librarian in a starring role. ‘The Librarian – Quest for the Spear’ undoubtedly was made for TV, and that TV was from the mid 90’s. Its entertainment strictly by numbers, however those numbers happen to be 102.888 LIB.
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Oh the Irony

October 4, 2006

Don’t start expecting a blog here, but this astounded me, its both ironic and somewhat sad. When I first read Fahrenheit 451, hiding behind the adventure sports section in my school library (Long Story) , the images and ideas in the book stuck with me for a long, long time.

I probably physically couldn’t burn a book because of Fahrenheit 451, It just feels somehow deeply wrong. Now say thats a book thats not worth reading.