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Maslow’s hierarchy of needs – library update

July 4, 2014

After installing the new library fibre broadband,  I found this highly accurate update to to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs.


Well almost accurate. I would consider the addition of ‘well-stocked vending machines’  to ‘survival’. It can all get a  little tense when they run out of Haribo.


Welcome to 12 Things Librarians….

September 18, 2012

Welcome to all the Librarians taking part in the 12 Things social media programme. Hope you are enjoying it, and you found my blog of infrequent updates and occasionally informative posts!

DIY Library Catalogue Computer

June 17, 2011
Or how to create a Library Catalogue Computer for free(ish), with whatever you have in the store cupboard, using Linux and the tame e-resources Librarian (That’s me).
The Library where I work has so far been succumbing to my evil machinations, specifically on the theme ‘Put Linux on everything that doesn’t work properly’. I have no desire to constantly fiddle with unreliable IT resources, not when I have far more productive things to do.
Our newish Linux Web server and Content Management System has been, if not a roaring success, at least a loud hurrah. And it hasn’t caused me a single significant problem since I hit the ‘online’ switch.  And it’s cheap, which is jolly good news.

Netvibes. For Fun and Profit

May 20, 2010

From a blank slate to a working current awareness service… in one week!

I have been using Netvibes at the moment, to create a journal based current awareness service at the Library where I work,  and it is surprisingly easy to create an highly functional resource in a short period of time. I have always been pretty cynical about using web based resources, preferring the more  ‘home grown’ solutions.

However colour me impressed..

It even works under IE6. As horrid as that sounds, you would be surprised at the number of people still stuck with an outdated browser that often are shut out from many recent and up-to-date web resources.

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eBook Reader, The Last Millennium

December 15, 2008
Palm m500

Palm m500

Thank goodness for the endless march of technology, as it makes hugging the trailing edge so much easier for us tech laggards. I have used a wonderful palm as an eBook reader for many years now, however the wear and tear of everyday life has turned it from a solid companion to a slightly troublesome pal. Superglue and a homemade cable helped but I think that the inevitable progress of entropy cannot be ignored, so I suppose I need to upgrade.

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Book Cover. The Revenge!

March 30, 2008

The Silver Sword - David ZindellOr rather, the revenge of Photoshop. Many years ago I was on a book cover here. Well it seemed the book itself must have sold quite well, and I have been photoshopped onto some new and even more heroic situations.

I think I have found my new passport photo, unfortunately the only effect on people so far is less ‘Awe and Admiration’ and more ‘Unstoppable Mirth and Laughter’.

A note for the reader, I am not constantly googling myself, I am a Librarian. We have some sort of radar (furtive glance). Yes some sort of magic book radar.

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Creating an Affordable E-Book Reader

March 11, 2008
Palm IIIe

Palm IIIe

Sometimes you have to do it yourself. What with the Sony Reader being very expensive, proprietary and well, a little too Sony. The Amazon Kindle being mildly expensive, unavailable and blisteringly ugly, and all the others requiring substantial loans. The only real solution is to somehow create a more ‘down to earth’ E-Book reader.

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Why the Commercial eBook Market is Broken

March 28, 2007

Previously, back in the mists of time, I had a Palmpilot. It was an old greyscreen and it was used exclusively for one job… Reading books.

A six year old calender device was a fantastic book reading device, the screen was even easy to read.

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Time Travelling Ninjas on Motorbikes

December 12, 2006

As somewhat of a connoisseur of films featuring librarians in bit-part roles (The Mummy, Day after Tomorrow) I was excited to hear of a film that featured a librarian in a starring role. ‘The Librarian – Quest for the Spear’ undoubtedly was made for TV, and that TV was from the mid 90’s. Its entertainment strictly by numbers, however those numbers happen to be 102.888 LIB.
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We’re down with the Kids 2

December 6, 2006

When I was not paying attention due to the Birmingham German Christmas Market (Fantastic and rather unreal*), it seems the library have gone all out and painted more Official Graffiti, Enjoy.

* Someone should really tell the German chap selling jam for £3.50 at the Christmas market that we too have Lidl’s in the UK!