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We’re down with the Kids

November 7, 2006

At the moment I am working in Birmingham at the BCFTCS Library and on my way to work I Walk/Cycle though the open public areas of the Birmingham Central Library. Recently I noticed what seems to be actual official graffiti in ‘Paradise Place’?

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Oh the Irony

October 4, 2006

Don’t start expecting a blog here, but this astounded me, its both ironic and somewhat sad. When I first read Fahrenheit 451, hiding behind the adventure sports section in my school library (Long Story) , the images and ideas in the book stuck with me for a long, long time.

I probably physically couldn’t burn a book because of Fahrenheit 451, It just feels somehow deeply wrong. Now say thats a book thats not worth reading.


Good and Bad Library Signs

September 18, 2006

I have seen some pretty unique signs in libraries out there, however while browsing Flickr I came across Library Signage and it distracted me for a bit. Enjoy your 15 minutes of internet use (I think they mean it!), and remember to “Ask the librarians if you need help” (Although not if it involves desktop publishing software).

Plenty more signs roam within, but they do have some good examples as well.

Favorite new word found on Flickr has to be ‘Stalag Zeitgeist’.

Book Cover

September 3, 2006

The Lightstone - David ZindellI am on a book cover, a real book! I am sure its not a first for a librarian but it does lack the usual chapters on biblography’s, weeding or collection policys.

Some mildly pointless trivia, but that picture was taken in the real Llanddewi Brefi and was created with the assistance of a vast amount of clothes pegs. You can’t see them of course, but a simple fact is that due to a combination of long cycle rides and hearty salad suppers I hardly fitted inside the chainmail, Which was made of wool anyway.