A quick interlude

January 17, 2011

My bi-yearly blog entry is as ever random, however I have been working on something longer. All about my experiences using Calibre, Linux and a Kindle for all my e-book reader needs. Spoiler, its pretty awesome.

In the interim, here’s a picture of the top tube of my single-speed road bike.


Holiday in Scotland

August 1, 2010

A candle outside my tent on the banks of Loch Lomond.  The weather was uncharacteristically excellent, although the midges were swarming with a furious vengeance.

My salad bring all the vegetarians to my yard, and they’re like, it’s significantly crunchier than ours.

July 3, 2010

My herb and salad garden seems to be going great. Without any pesticides and only organic fertiliser. It is strange to think only a few months ago this was nothing but an overgrown pile of broken glass and numerous large unidentifiable metal objects.

The wooden stakes? They are a frame for a DIY cloche I made to speed up the growth of the seedlings with sheets of recycled plastic painting sheets. It worked a treat!

Possibly the best greetings card in the world?

June 26, 2010

Could this be the best/worst greetings card in the world? If it fails to tickle the ‘kittens and flowers’ part of the brain, then sadly you are either asleep, or too manly to admit it.

It also found that it’s excellent for testing the functionality of the  printer/scanner at work, as its has everything you need (Bright colours, images, text and a reflective surface!)

Netvibes. For Fun and Profit

May 20, 2010

From a blank slate to a working current awareness service… in one week!

I have been using Netvibes at the moment, to create a journal based current awareness service at the Library where I work,  and it is surprisingly easy to create an highly functional resource in a short period of time. I have always been pretty cynical about using web based resources, preferring the more  ‘home grown’ solutions.

However colour me impressed..

It even works under IE6. As horrid as that sounds, you would be surprised at the number of people still stuck with an outdated browser that often are shut out from many recent and up-to-date web resources.

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A 3G Woktenna (An antenna made out of a wok!)

February 14, 2010

Woktenna MK 1Moving around and ensuring a decent, reliable Internet connection is a constant struggle, and especially at the moment, as due to my job I will often spend no more than a few months in the same location.

So I have to rely on either sharing an Internet connection with other people locally or using a 3G dongle. 3G dongles however are notoriously picky. They need a good connection to get anywhere near to broadband speeds otherwise its back to a slow speed GPRS connection.

So I had an idea…..

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On the important subject of why you should always check the size of eBay purchases

January 10, 2010

John and the Surprisingly Large DishOoops. It looked a lot smaller in the picture on the auction.

I was going to use it to create a point to point wireless connection but I may have to use it for its obvious original use. Knocking satellites from orbit and frightening the neighbours.

I am mostly ….

May 16, 2009

Working in various UK libraries, riding my bike to wherever those places may be located, and glaring in a bemused manner at my bafflingly slow GPRS mobile internet connection. It feels a bit odd to be so out of touch.

But at long last, the sun came out.


eBook Reader, The Last Millennium

December 15, 2008
Palm m500

Palm m500

Thank goodness for the endless march of technology, as it makes hugging the trailing edge so much easier for us tech laggards. I have used a wonderful palm as an eBook reader for many years now, however the wear and tear of everyday life has turned it from a solid companion to a slightly troublesome pal. Superglue and a homemade cable helped but I think that the inevitable progress of entropy cannot be ignored, so I suppose I need to upgrade.

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Greg Palast, Man with a Hat

October 9, 2008

I always enjoy reports by Greg Palast, and this report from the BBC about voter intimidation and fraud in the US is an informative and mighty interesting piece of investigative journalism. It helps too that I just like his style, that man knows how to wear a hat.