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We’re down with the Kids 2

December 6, 2006

When I was not paying attention due to the Birmingham German Christmas Market (Fantastic and rather unreal*), it seems the library have gone all out and painted more Official Graffiti, Enjoy.

* Someone should really tell the German chap selling jam for £3.50 at the Christmas market that we too have Lidl’s in the UK!


We’re down with the Kids

November 7, 2006

At the moment I am working in Birmingham at the BCFTCS Library and on my way to work I Walk/Cycle though the open public areas of the Birmingham Central Library. Recently I noticed what seems to be actual official graffiti in ‘Paradise Place’?

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Critical Mass October

October 8, 2006

Critical Mass

Another Birmingham Critical Mass on Friday, and although it was the first wet and soggy day of the classic UK ‘Wear a wetsuit’ season it was an excellent ride.

Next month will be a Light/Diwali themed ride, so dig out those battery powered string lights. If you have blue neons and a bright yellow jacket as well, well no harm done. Photos are in the Gallery, and see you all next month!

1st Friday of the Month, St Philip’s Cathedral 5.30 PM.

Critical Mass

September 2, 2006

Critical Mass Wall SprayWant to cycle round the mean(ish) streets of Birmingham for a few hours and meet some great people?

Birmingham Critical Mass is the place to be!

Come riding anything that moves, and more visible the better. That means if you have those dayglo lycra tights and have been putting off wearing them because of a simple thing , like say common decency; throw caution to the wind, hop on your 3 wheeled bright pink recumbent with spokey dokeys and a pirate flag and pedal down to St Philip’s Cathedral in Birmingham on the first friday of every month.

Roller-blades, skateboards and strange things with wheels you found in the garage are all very welcome.

1st Friday of the Month, St Philip’s Cathedral 5.30 PM.