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Book Cover. The Revenge!

March 30, 2008

The Silver Sword - David ZindellOr rather, the revenge of Photoshop. Many years ago I was on a book cover here. Well it seemed the book itself must have sold quite well, and I have been photoshopped onto some new and even more heroic situations.

I think I have found my new passport photo, unfortunately the only effect on people so far is less ‘Awe and Admiration’ and more ‘Unstoppable Mirth and Laughter’.

A note for the reader, I am not constantly googling myself, I am a Librarian. We have some sort of radar (furtive glance). Yes some sort of magic book radar.

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Creating an Affordable E-Book Reader

March 11, 2008
Palm IIIe

Palm IIIe

Sometimes you have to do it yourself. What with the Sony Reader being very expensive, proprietary and well, a little too Sony. The Amazon Kindle being mildly expensive, unavailable and blisteringly ugly, and all the others requiring substantial loans. The only real solution is to somehow create a more ‘down to earth’ E-Book reader.

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Why the Commercial eBook Market is Broken

March 28, 2007

Previously, back in the mists of time, I had a Palmpilot. It was an old greyscreen and it was used exclusively for one job… Reading books.

A six year old calender device was a fantastic book reading device, the screen was even easy to read.

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Oh the Irony

October 4, 2006

Don’t start expecting a blog here, but this astounded me, its both ironic and somewhat sad. When I first read Fahrenheit 451, hiding behind the adventure sports section in my school library (Long Story) , the images and ideas in the book stuck with me for a long, long time.

I probably physically couldn’t burn a book because of Fahrenheit 451, It just feels somehow deeply wrong. Now say thats a book thats not worth reading.


Book Cover

September 3, 2006

The Lightstone - David ZindellI am on a book cover, a real book! I am sure its not a first for a librarian but it does lack the usual chapters on biblography’s, weeding or collection policys.

Some mildly pointless trivia, but that picture was taken in the real Llanddewi Brefi and was created with the assistance of a vast amount of clothes pegs. You can’t see them of course, but a simple fact is that due to a combination of long cycle rides and hearty salad suppers I hardly fitted inside the chainmail, Which was made of wool anyway.