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As Seen on The Berlin Wall

November 8, 2007
Found on the Berlin Wall

Graffiti on the Berlin Wall

“Shortly before coming to see this, I found myself in an apoplectic rage because my american debit card wouldn’t work at the ATMs here. People died trying to cross this thing. Apparently, the other side was nothing but tourists”

All the way from the US just to write that, How strange.


I Love Tea

April 3, 2007
I love Tea

I love Tea

My odd interest of finding strange graffiti has spawned a wallpaper! Its 1024×768 so will look smart on your computer desktop, at home or at work.

To find it yourself (if you like that sort of thing), it is on a wall in Berlin near the shore of the ‘Muggel See’. (It’s a large lake).

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We’re down with the Kids 2

December 6, 2006

When I was not paying attention due to the Birmingham German Christmas Market (Fantastic and rather unreal*), it seems the library have gone all out and painted more Official Graffiti, Enjoy.

* Someone should really tell the German chap selling jam for £3.50 at the Christmas market that we too have Lidl’s in the UK!

We’re down with the Kids

November 7, 2006

At the moment I am working in Birmingham at the BCFTCS Library and on my way to work I Walk/Cycle though the open public areas of the Birmingham Central Library. Recently I noticed what seems to be actual official graffiti in ‘Paradise Place’?

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