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DIY Library Catalogue Computer

June 17, 2011
Or how to create a Library Catalogue Computer for free(ish), with whatever you have in the store cupboard, using Linux and the tame e-resources Librarian (That’s me).
The Library where I work has so far been succumbing to my evil machinations, specifically on the theme ‘Put Linux on everything that doesn’t work properly’. I have no desire to constantly fiddle with unreliable IT resources, not when I have far more productive things to do.
Our newish Linux Web server and Content Management System has been, if not a roaring success, at least a loud hurrah. And it hasn’t caused me a single significant problem since I hit the ‘online’ switch.  And it’s cheap, which is jolly good news.

Netvibes. For Fun and Profit

May 20, 2010

From a blank slate to a working current awareness service… in one week!

I have been using Netvibes at the moment, to create a journal based current awareness service at the Library where I work,  and it is surprisingly easy to create an highly functional resource in a short period of time. I have always been pretty cynical about using web based resources, preferring the more  ‘home grown’ solutions.

However colour me impressed..

It even works under IE6. As horrid as that sounds, you would be surprised at the number of people still stuck with an outdated browser that often are shut out from many recent and up-to-date web resources.

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We’re down with the Kids 2

December 6, 2006

When I was not paying attention due to the Birmingham German Christmas Market (Fantastic and rather unreal*), it seems the library have gone all out and painted more Official Graffiti, Enjoy.

* Someone should really tell the German chap selling jam for £3.50 at the Christmas market that we too have Lidl’s in the UK!

We’re down with the Kids

November 7, 2006

At the moment I am working in Birmingham at the BCFTCS Library and on my way to work I Walk/Cycle though the open public areas of the Birmingham Central Library. Recently I noticed what seems to be actual official graffiti in ‘Paradise Place’?

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Good and Bad Library Signs

September 18, 2006

I have seen some pretty unique signs in libraries out there, however while browsing Flickr I came across Library Signage and it distracted me for a bit. Enjoy your 15 minutes of internet use (I think they mean it!), and remember to “Ask the librarians if you need help” (Although not if it involves desktop publishing software).

Plenty more signs roam within, but they do have some good examples as well.

Favorite new word found on Flickr has to be ‘Stalag Zeitgeist’.