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Greg Palast, Man with a Hat

October 9, 2008

I always enjoy reports by Greg Palast, and this report from the BBC about voter intimidation and fraud in the US is an informative and mighty interesting piece of investigative journalism. It helps too that I just like his style, that man knows how to wear a hat.




September 14, 2007
Anti-war banners

Anti-war banners

There is something strangely photogenic in these anti-war banners, and that makes the message so much stronger.

Simple statements simply put.


History of Oil

February 3, 2007

Been a bit distracted, as I am quite busy learning German in Berlin, however I discovered that ‘Robert Newman’s History of Oil’ was uploaded to Google Video. It was shown on UK TV in April 2006 and I was lucky enough to record it (Humax PVR’s, technology from the far future!).

It is an excellent ‘Educational’ show detailing the rather sordid history of oil in the world, on a stage with cycle powered lights. After the recent global warming report release and the ensuing bunfight that follows it’s very topical. Enjoy.